Together Forever

Together Forever

We welcome you to the Together Forever Couples Class. Our entire class would love to have you join us each Sunday morning for:

  • Great Fellowship
  • Great Food
  • Great Fun
  • Great Fundamentals (From the Bible)

In our class meets at 9:00 AM in the Friendship Room. You will be challenged from God's Word, but also equipped to meet the challenges in all areas of marriage, child rearing, the work-place, a personal walk with God, and the myriad of relationships that we all manage. Victory is always available to us whether we are building or rebuilding our Christian faith. God is a Master at both!

My wife, Karen, and I, have attended Faith Baptist Church since 1991 and first visited when our oldest daughter was two. Upon arrival, we immediately noticed the teenagers in the church. We quickly realized that there was something very different here, for we saw that the teenagers had a genuine faith and genuine care for others. At that time, we did not know what the "ingredients" were that produced the uncommonly good results that we were seeing, however, we did know one thing: we liked it and decided to stick around to see what the secret was. We found that this church had a "real" pastor, with a "real" faith, a "real" walk with God, and taught biblical truths that were vital to our marriage and child rearing. On top of all of this, we found that he genuinely loved people and loved to have fun. We had been in other churches before FBC, but this was something different, something very real, and producing results that could not be ignored.

The Together Forever Couples Class is a class that concentrates on teaching the same, time-tested, biblical truths (as listed above) to others, who, desire to have the winning results that we have witnessed year-over-year here. We have been at this church for over twenty years now, and we can gladly say, "The ingredients are still working", and we would love for you to see and be a part of the winning recipe.

We look forward to meeting you and serving Jesus alongside you.

Your friends in Christ,

Ken & Karen Peterson

Ken and Karen

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