PASTOR'S Bible Class

PASTOR'S Bible Class

The Pastor’s Bible Class meets in the auditorium at 9:00 am. Our pastor teaches the Bible on a week to week basis and seeks to apply God's Word to the specific needs of class members. Pastor and Mrs. Goddard presently have three married children, five grandchildren, and one son in Bible college. Having been married for over 35 years and having the pastor's mother as a member of our church the pastor is able to relate to a great variety of people.

A Note from Pastor Goddard:

In 1982, I started Faith Baptist Church. We had forty to fifty adults the first Sunday, and in the months to follow, close fellowship and warm friendships developed. With each new family joining our church, we also gained new skills and gifts from God to minister to one another as well as to the community. As the church grew, we began to miss some of the intimacy of a small adult Sunday school class, so the time came for us to start a second adult Sunday school class. That class allowed us to split our adults according to age and personal preferences in social, family, and ministry involvement. As the church continued to grow, we added more adult classes. Today, there are eight different adult Bible classes, including Spanish and Filipino, and we encourage all of our adults to find the class that best meets their needs.

I would count it an honor for you to visit the Pastor’s Bible Class.




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